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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 11, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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this scandal. don't miss that many at 9:00 p.m. righ i am matt welch.f your have a good night. heirs. >> good evening, everyone. the voters in virginia's seventh district gave the national punditry the political class and eric cantor's campaign game, a surprise that not one of them saw coming. college professor david bratt, ousting eric cantor.
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>> john magoffin was so far off the mark. the board of elections in virginia reported an increase in voter turnout over 2012 and as you can see on the map on your screen, he beat him in the precincts of richmond and in the suburbs. including both money and endorsements according to federal election campaign finance data. his campaign spent nearly $5 million to his 122,000. eric cantor's team spent $40,000 on dinners. his big-money donors include, the blackstone group, goldman sachs, oracle, and horizon
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communications. and eric cantor is most closely aligned with the tea party, or at least he was. everyone wants to see the polls and how much money you raise. they don't know what's going on on the ground. and was he ever proved right. here he is telling fox news how his honesty delivered victory. >> i think those are right or left issues, free-market constitutional issues. right now this political
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dialogue is based on the entire campaign. and the people resonated with that. lou: the congressman has responded by claiming to be anti-amnesty. but has professed his desire to work with the white house on issues such the dream act and other bills this year and congressman eric cantor also accused of taking attention from his district before blaming his leadership responsibility. >> i was in my district every week. we have been serving constituents at home and never
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was very day when i won't put the district constituents first. i will continue to do so. lou: two of the best in the business analyze what this means for the republican party in these upcoming midterm elections telling the house armed services committee that no one was killed searching for bowe bergdahl. committee member randy forbes and a humanitarian crisis at our border. homeland security is calling for border security. the heritage foundation will join us to assess the politics
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and here he is, on the issue of illegal immigration. saying that eric cantor is saying that we should bring more folks into the country. increases labor supply and by doing so, lower the wage rates for the working person. his policies make no sense. and there are huge deals being made.
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lou: i am joined by ed rollins, the columnist for the hill, and fox news political analyst. let me start with you. it has to be still part of the shock. >> i say that with my buddy, and this is a moment when we didn't see anything. and it is includes a political class and the pollsters, they got it so wrong. they were 30 points up.>> not oe
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idea that this -- and i want to be very clear, i was not mocking you. >> i would love to do it. >> and sincerely i have so much respect with you. and this is perplexing that right now even with what is happening in washington dc, every side of every issue is now trying to divine what happened. in taking the most favorable interpretation of any member of
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congress can be beaten in this way. and the dollars that he had in this includes blowing up the other candidate in the networked. lou: blowing up to canada, blowing up the issues here, everyone is talking about illegal immigration. he was signed on at 1% of the chamber of commerce. i don't think that dave brat can be criticized for making that allegation too strongly. but the idea that he could hold
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himself up, i'll trying to pushy dave brat towards the tea party label, it's mind-boggling. so why would the strategist even think about doing such a thing?. bu >> the key here is that he wanted to make brad unacceptable or an extremist.
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>> the big cctv commercial doesn't work anymore. and they matter. lou: illegal immigration, how important was it to you? >> i think it is important ingr, talk radio hosts, they made a huge issue and what we saw towards the end was let eric cantor then went to advertising and they had the democrats of
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illinois coming in and protest him for not bringing in immigration bill to her. i don't think it works. but i think that most people, they made the point. he looks like he's trying to mislead the voters of the district from who he really is. including john boehner and others as well. >> he tried to bridge the tea party and what have you. and that is part of at. lou: let's just focus a little bit. he is the darling of wall street and the darling of the tea party in his home district and he's the only guy that can reintroduce a bill. this is a man who frankly doesn't look to be too firm and
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now on principle. >> i think that's what happened. he's the guy that shut down the government, open up the government. lou: wouldn't that be nice if it turned out that way. lou: what you think about honesty, truth, justice? >> lou dobbs for president. [laughter] >> i have so much integrity, i wouldn't think of that. [laughter] >> we need lou dobbs right here. we want juan williams, ed rollins committed you so much. the fbi opening a criminal investigation into wrongdoing at the veterans affairs department. that comes as officials with the va health care system in the mexico say that they have identified at least 25 veterans who died while waiting to see a
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doctor in albuquerque, adding new outrage to this scandal. there are reports today that the va ended up with 100 million witnesses bonuses. and a superior court judge in los angeles has ruled that california's teacher tenure laws are unconstitutional. and the judge saying that such laws are making it hard to fire grossly ineffective teachers. as a result with a disproportionate burden on the northeast students. this judge needs to be celebrated across the country. the teachers unions are vowing to appeal that ruling. but the decision could change hiring and firing policies nationwide. and if i may but not this story with an axiom that i believe to
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be absolutely true. the greatest equalizer in american society is public education. it is ours and we have to have it back. lou: why did the obama administration change five terrorists for certain bowe bergdahl? randy forbes grilling the randy forbes grilling the defense secretary chuck hagel
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lou: congress today holding its first hearing into the obama administration steel to exchange five radical islamist terrorist for obregon. the defense secretary chuck hagel admitted that the administration mishandled some parts of the deal, but defended
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the overall decision to make the exchange without notifying congress and make clear the decision came from the top down. >> we didn't handle some of this right. we could've done a better job of keeping you informed. >> 's decision to move forward with the transfer of these detainees was a tough call. and i supported it. i stand by it. lou: my next guest, press secretary chuck hagel on whether the military will put american lives at risk in exchanging those five taliban terrorists for sergeant boberg all. >> if they rejoin the fight, they do it at their own peril. >> the question is a pretty simple one. would we put american lives at risk to go after them? >> i understand that.
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my question is, will we put american lives at risk to go after these individuals if they rejoin the fight? >> well, yes. >> joining us now is randy forbes with the house armed services committee. are you satisfied with what you learn from the secretary today about the exchange? >> yes, we were satisfied that that's the decision. we think it was a bad decision to make. we have to realize what we released. we released the equivalent in of the deputy secretary of defense and interior and secretary of intelligence. the governor and the commander and all of these specimens that we have seen of this particular point in time suggest that they will be back on the battlefield. then you have him saying that we will put american lives at risk. so why in the world didn't even make the calculation of how much we would put americans in to do that before they made this release? i think it was a bad deal. lou: as the secretary responded
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to you, they did not make a calculation and american lives have been put at risk. so those assessments don't include a statement as to why it was necessary to be so urgent in decision making and creating the exchange. did you get any part of that in response by the secretary? >> you have none of it. the administration has lied about it. they said that they would not go without a consultation. they did not live up to the promise. the second thing is that they broke the law and they feel like if they don't li
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>> we are not going to somewhere this amnesty bill. we think it is the important thing. we have no trust to import the lost once they are passed. until we get back, it can be very difficult to get any kind of immigration with the house of representatives. the one congressman, thank you for being with us. it's time for a look at our online poll results. we asked whether you believe president obama will ever take responsibility for any of the mistakes and foulups of his administration. 90% said no.
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be sure to vote on our poll today. you believe the rest of the house leadership team should resign her post along with eric cantor? let us know what you have to say about that as well. and his loss not the only surprise from last night, voters in the democratic primary, so unimpressed with their candidate, and that 30% of them chose the none of the above choice instead of the actual candidate. winning in nevada, none of the above according to nevada state law, that means the second-highest longshot bid with the hugely popular republican governor brian sandoval. well, it is progress, i think. we are coming right back. lou: tran-nines up against the
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republican political establishment as well as the majority leader of the gop in the house. up against wall street and the democratic party and the obama white house and the business roundtable. my commentary on truth, justice, and the american way is coming up next.
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lou: eric cantor, jostling for his leadership position went dave brat. karl cameron will have the latest for us. syndicated radio talkshow host, taking up hillary clinton seven slide in popularity. we will be taking up the surprise out of virginia. so let's turn to the air canter lots. doctor dave brat. i can tell you that i'm one of those folks who feel sorry for eric cantor. he, like so many in washington, sold out his constituents long time ago so i will only tell you
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what i see. his biggest booster was a wall street firm and how many should they be talking about will pocket a fortune as a newly minted corporate lobbyists. the voters of the seventh district liberated themselves, but they also admittedly were a revolving door. there is a chance that the government could be the result not only in virginia but all across the nation thanks to doctor dave brat. he is a college professor and economic semantics. but i didn't read a single account with his name is either doctor or professor. that is because higher education doesn't suit the national liberal media narrative for those who oppose this
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establishmentarian some of those news outlets are still trying to call him an underdog victory is a win for the tea party. but they are buying. and he couldn't convince any of the national two-party organizations to give him hell for money. not freedom works, not anything. they all told him to go to hades. and now they are trying to tell their donors and contributors how important they were to the doctors last night. but if you are thinking of sending them any money tonight, if i may, offer a suggestion. send your money to dave brat for i think that you will get a lot
10:30 pm
more bang for your buck. and very likely he will be going to congress if you do. the election to demonstrate the truth can still we'll check this might deliver a devastating punch, for those who freely lied to the constituents and everyone in the place themselves on 24 hour beck and call to serve the establishmentarian proving that sometimes $5 million is no match for 122 grand. when you are running on principles, traditional american values, it is not the business roundtable premarket. holding of the constitution as a national beacon as we work to preserve a nation of law. and last night election proving
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that at least one district, truth and justice and the american way can still overwhelm special interest. and the voters said they can all go to hell and they looked at dave brat and all he stands for and put him up on their shoulders. now, jack trammell, also from the same college in the november election. the voters of the seventh district will decide who represents them. talk about an american story. we are coming right back. lou: karl cameron has a full report of white his loss means to the gop house leadership and to twe're moving our companyand to new york state.
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lou: eric cantor's defeat leaves a gaping hole in the house republican leadership. one hundred and five days from the midterm election. who will exceed him for the final six months of the 113 congress and what impact will it have on the legislative issues and battled? correspondent karl cameron has our report. reporter: in the wake of his stunning loss, dave brat, he announced he would step aside as the house number two republican at the end o next month. >> i intend to serve our long-term as a member of congress in the seventh district of virginia effective july 31, i will be stepping down as majority leader. reporter: gop hopes that his decision will provide time for an orderly transition and prevent an ugly and divisive internal power struggle. some of the election to minimize fallout and distractions during this midterm election year. how speaker john boehner has chosen the 19th of this month for an election for a new
10:36 pm
majority leader. already house republican kevin mccarthy is planning to run for that job. >> if my friend mr. mccarthy decides to run from i think you'll make an outstanding majority leader. >> chev penciling of texas is all considering a leader if he lives up to majority leader, but the cheap deputy, he wants a promotion that will likely face a challenge from the man who chairs the conservative republican study group who break ranks with recent years. some rebels including congressman steve king of iowa even one speaker boehner and his entire leadership team bounced. but he isn't budgeting. he said he is needed for stability now and it just can't be lord of the flies anymore. he said he just came up short and downplayed the gop's internal division. >> the differences that we may
10:37 pm
have pale in comparison to the differences that we have on the left. >> tour, lifetime rating from the american conservative union, they say that this is being exaggerated. >> or member what this means. all of all conservatives and republicans believe in not. reporter: the internal object he will that slow down the legislative agenda. immigration reform, which had only a slim chance to pass this year is now even less likely, giving dave brat attacks. he denies supporting him and wants to block the bill. but some say some measures are worth having. >> there's a lot of common ground at the border that i would like to see the issue addressed by those that didn't break any laws to come here unbeknownst to them. so i have always said that there should be common ground if we
10:38 pm
would just allow ourselves work together. reporter: republicans say by scheduling this next tuesday, they can regroup and keep to their campaign schedules. still, a week is a long time in politics and the newly empowered tea party is sure to weigh in on who they think is acceptable. if the gop leaders don't listen, you could get pretty nasty. jack thank you so much. and a worsening crisis in iraq where al qaeda aligned terrorist seized control of the hometown that the seizure comes a day after the took control of the second-largest city and an estimated half-million people who have fled the fighting there. iraqi soldiers and security forces are abandoning their posts and al qaeda aligned terrorist organizations have seized a half billion dollars in central-bank asset. now the board of the eating. freedom. is the word of the evening.
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it appears to still be working in this country. up next, it a humanitarian crisis at our southern border created by the president's refusal to enforce border security laws. it's getting worse. we will be talking with the heritage found (mother vo) when i was pregnant ...i got lots of advice, but i needed information i could trust. unitedhealthcare's innovative, simple program helps moms stay on track with their doctors to get the right care and guidance. (anncr vo) that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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see your doctor right away as some could be life threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i did not know what it was like to be a non-smoker. but i do now. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. lou: on wall street, the dow jones fell, the s&p down seven from the nasdaq dropped seven. volume on the big board, 2.7 billion shares. crude oil up 5 cents, pulled out a dollar and the yield on the 10 year, 2.64%. the marine sergeant has now spent 72 days and president
10:43 pm
obama has still not mention his name or made a simple phone call or public plea for his freedom. prosecutors are now saying that he could receive a favorable sentence if he claims to have the somatic stress disorder. jay johnson was grilled over whether the president is the one to blame for the huge wave of unaccompanied children that have been illegally crossing the mexican border and being dumped there in recent months. chuck grassley outlined this for the judiearing today. >> this is a disaster made by the administration. and only the president can correct it by sending the signals that these people should not be broader.
10:44 pm
lou: genevieve, i didn't think secretary johnson looked particularly respectful. >> well, this administration than he is now a part of, not only is it about what they talk about, come and they say that we want to solve this problem and we support texas, arizona, i believe that it's 95% in response to the fact that the loss that we have on the books, the administration is not working to secure the border. and the executive order of the president coming up with his own.
10:45 pm
we are going to delay the deportation, that is encouraging people to come here. lou: central american newspapers are pushing us to put it in context. this is 1800 miles between what a mullah and the northern border of mexico. so this is a stratagem that has been executed by the government of the united states and this administration. >> not only has he encouraged
10:46 pm
it, but he's done nothing to stop it. the more you have come in the more you to get and that's exactly what we are seeing. i heard members of congress saying that these folks are misguided. and forget what the law is if you're not enforcing it, they are being allowed to do here. but we are giving them shelter while we find them and bus tickets and plane tickets tickets to meet up with these folks and then we are telling them, okay, in 15 days, go in and reported to this office to the we can start the deportation process. do we think the majority are going unreported? no, they are not. lou: how stupid of a country are we reign that first of all that we get -- and this is a huge
10:47 pm
margin of the political contest. what are we doing here? >> i think that we have to make it very clear. many of this got out and i believe that people have to come alive and realize that this is a crisis and we are having to take this influx. but it's terrible for these children that are coming in.
10:48 pm
the one everyone should be held accountable for exploding these children in the most cynical and horrible way that i have ever seen on the part of any government in our country's history. genevieve, thank you for everything and we appreciate it. >> thank you. thank you for drawing attention to this issue. lou: imax, hillary clinton says she's holding that specific information. but not from our radio talk show host your unlimited cash back. let that phrase sit with you for a second. unlimited. as in, no limits on your hard-earned cash back. as in no more dealing with those rotating categories. the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase, every day. don't settle for anything less. i'll keep asking. what's in your wallet?
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>> our quotation of the evening. a perfect analysis by eric cantor. he had this to say about the unexpected. expect the unexpected, it shows
10:52 pm
early modern intellect. >> you better believe i do. two of my favorite people. jill, let's start with that shocker in virginia. >> i couldn't wait to get on the radio this morning. and we just love it, thank you for coming on the show. when something like this happens, it is so exciting.
10:53 pm
it does make you feel that people are watching. i don't know this was a victory for the tea party as much as an establishment. it made me excited as an american to see that happen. >> absolutely, anybody but eric cantor, i would daresay that the majority of the people who voted for dave brat never heard of dave brat. there's nothing about that. >> it's a crazy thing that we can talk about. in all of the time that i have listen. he's bright, he's french thrash and he's talking sense. so let's talk honestly.
10:54 pm
>> has faith is strong, he went to princeton. i think that resonated with it more than anything. >> i would agree, absolutely. and you were right as rain. clearly this was a repudiation. but also one of the republican leadership in general. a lot of this is the chamber of commerce. i had really not paid a lot of attention to. and then you see goldman sachs and trying to be -- pretend to be a tea party person. it is just amazing. he is trying to literally be
10:55 pm
part of this. >> he got busted big time. >> absolutely. watching the show today was great. we are in the real world and when they go to washington, something happens. and as i watch your show unfold, it's interesting all by special interest. so maybe it was the resurgence of the tea party. but the midterms are going to be very exciting because of this. >> you think this will have an impact on illegal immigration itself? because the truth is that the houses are in the past for bills that i supported and i endorse as immigration reform.
10:56 pm
>> chuck schumer feels that this will help his immigration reform. and for every republican member of congress who still has a primary opponent, immigration reform will get zero votes from that group. >> you know, i don't know that it was immigration reform. until my grandparents, they learned the language in the laws of the united states and they believe in america. they didn't say this, let me become an american. but the republicans, and i say this, there has to be some sort of an answer.
10:57 pm
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>> i intend to serve out my term in virginia, effective july 31, i will be stepping down as majority leader. >> think about this. where stocks down today because eric cantor is on his way out today? welcome, i am neil cavuto. and it's hard to pinpoint the exact causes. but the fact that wall street lost a champion in a stunning upset does give some pots and does get the debate


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